Free Amazon Gift Cards Codes List 2018 – Unused 20$ Codes


So you would be completely exhausted after searching the whole web for free Amazon gift cards by using hack tools. So do you think is it possible to generate free gift cards by using a generator?

Do you think that using a gift card generator will enable you to buy the real things in the world by providing you gift cards as real money? The answer is simply no guys. Amazon is a large online store, and it cannot allow such foolish things as it will make them bankrupt in a few days. But still, there are some genuine ways that you must know which will enable you to get free gift cards.


Amazon a simple website that is a platform for online shopping and many other services all over the world and is currently the most used shopping and service site all over the world. So as everyone knows to get some goods you need to pay real money.

But often on occasions, amazon provides free gift cards that can be used to buy these products or services at the exchange of the card. But remember you have to be lucky to get the cards by chance. But still, there are a lot of ways to get the free, gift cards no surveys.

Best ways to get free Amazon gift cards:

So guys after searching all over the web we finally came up a with some of the easiest ways by which you can get these free Amazon gift cards without human verification. But always remember one thing that nothing in this world is completely free of cost. Here also you get some the free gift cards in exchange for the small amount of work you do. So some of the ways are as follows:

  1. The easiest way of cash back: Amazon always sends promotional emails to those who have subscribed them so often it is seen that if you open an email and buy a good and set the payment, you will get the cash back.
  2. Fat Wallet: This is a promotional website for shopping sites all over the world. Once you sign up the website, you can redeem a lot of free gift cards from the site for different shopping sites, and the best part is it also mentions how much cash back you can get.
  3. Get paid to the method: In this, you get paid for doing a small amount of work doing for some other person. Swag bucks and Mypoints are two of the most popular sites for this purpose.
  4. Following certain groups: There are a lot of communities that you can follow on the social network that regularly posts about free gift card coupons and all. Make sure you follow them.
  5. Selling your old goods: Amazon trade-in provides you cash back for the old goods, and the shipping cost is free.


So guys choose the most effective way from the list mentioned above and make sure you do not fall for the trap of a generator.
Thank you for reading.