Free Xbox Live Redeem Codes No Surveys

Don’t trust something if it seems too good to be true. This is an exception. Stop paying for your Xbox LIVE codes and get them as an incentive instead. Free Xbox Live Codes Giveaway from is the first of its kind to set up an advertising system that allows for sustainability both for its users and the site. It’s a win-win situation, read more about how in the instructions.

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How do I claim free Xbox Live Redeem codes?

To request free Xbox live codes , You need to live in a country that has Xbox LIVE available or use a VPN or proxy to such a country.

Get started by selecting the length of the coveted Xbox LIVE code, the reason being that sometimes parts of the site go down for maintenance and databases become unavailable temporarily.

Therefore, before claiming the card, do check the status to see if it’s available. In the case that it is, in fact, unavailable, a different code type has to be chosen. It’s important to acknowledge the importance of saving your User ID and IP address that is written out on the claiming page.

If you have an unstable internet connection or our database feels like hiccuping the moment your code is being handed out to you, something might go wrong.

Saving your unique User ID and IP address will ensure that our support staff can verify your online identity, which allows them to hand over your claimed Xbox LIVE code manually.

To further understand how to claim free Xbox live redeem codes no surveys, simply follow the instructions provided on the Instructions page, and watch the tutorial video.

Cashing in your prepaid code from a computer

You can cash in all types of prepaid codes right from your computer. This includes Xbox gift cards, Xbox LIVE Gold codes and Xbox Music codes.

Here’s how:

  1. Navigate to
  2. On the site, navigate to the “Redeem Code” page and log in using your Microsoft account.
  3. Enter the 25-character code and click “Redeem.”
  4. Note that when using a gift card the value is added directly to your Microsoft account in local currency.
  5. This is not relevant to our site yet, but prepaid cards are currently in beta testing and are soon to be released.

We’re polishing our system daily to work as flawlessly as it does (hopefully!).The site may go up and down for maintenance for a couple of months into release but should be a stable and smooth ride thenceforth. So far the system has been working great, and we’ve been getting super-positive support.

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